DHCP Relay on OpenWrt


I'am a trainee in IT and building a Testlab. I have to Networks:

Server Network /24
Client Network /24 Client network

How i manage that the Clients will get their Info from the DHCP Server sitting at Open WRt version is : 22.03.3

I browsed the web but din't found anything matches. Thx for your answer!

Your DHCP server should have an interface on the network you want it to serve DHCP address.


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Don't use .0 as IP address. Start from .1 instead.

thx for your replies i try this out later

This is a bit confusing... Why do you need to have clients on the network to use a DHCP server on the network? Wouldn't it be easier to have a DHCP server on the network? Is the DHCP server aware of the two networks, and configured properly?