DHCP Relay configuration


  • Router Xiaomi XA3200 running under OpenWrt 22.03.5
  • TP Link Extender RE700X running last OEM firmware.

I configured only DHCP server on OpenWRT on my router. I disabled DHCP server on my extender but I faced continuous disconnection when 2 clients are connected on the extender.

I set static adresses for all my devices including router / extender. But expected behavior is not good, I think I need to configure my RE700X as DHCP relay (but no option available on TP LINK configuration) and I think the DHCP Relay option on OpenWRT is intended for configuration as DHCP relay for OPENWRT itself.


Could you help me to understand:
Router Xiaomi:

  • Should I configure DHCP relay on OpenWRT?
  • How can I manage DHCP forwarding on my extender ?
  • Should I configure the "Authoritative" option on router?
  • any suggestion?

Note: It is standard Wifi 6 : 5G / 2.4G extender with router. No mesh as the openwrt firmware is having issue and I need to compile it.

If there is traffic between the router and the extender, then DHCP server on the router should suffice, and you do not need another DHCP server on the extender. If there is no traffic between the router and the extender, the DHCP relay is not going to work, either; and there is no point in giving IP addresses, anyway.

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