DHCP not pooling

I am running 21.02.2 on a DIR-882.
I have a unusual problem in that I have defined a DHCP address
pool and the router is not using. Addresses seem to be pulled arbitrarily
from any available address from the subnet. MyDHCP config
file is found below...

config dnsmasq
	option domainneeded '1'
	option localise_queries '1'
	option rebind_protection '1'
	option rebind_localhost '1'
	option local '/lan/'
	option expandhosts '1'
	option authoritative '1'
	option leasefile '/tmp/dhcp.leases'
	option resolvfile '/tmp/resolv.conf.d/resolv.conf.auto'
	option localservice '1'
	option ednspacket_max '1232'
	option domain 'local'

config dhcp 'lan'
	option interface 'lan'
	option start '100'
	option limit '150'
	option leasetime '12h'
	option dhcpv4 'server'
	option dhcpv6 'server'
	option ra 'server'
	list ra_flags 'managed-config'
	list ra_flags 'other-config'

config dhcp 'wan'
	option interface 'wan'
	option ignore '1'
	list ra_flags 'none'

config odhcpd 'odhcpd'
	option maindhcp '0'
	option leasefile '/tmp/hosts/odhcpd'
	option leasetrigger '/usr/sbin/odhcpd-update'
	option loglevel '4'

config host
	option name 'My-ecobee'
	option ip ''
	option mac '44:61:32:8F:73:A7'

config host
	option name 'wemo'
	option ip ''
	option mac '24:F5:A2:50:42:15'

config host
	option ip ''
	option mac '44:01:BB:EC:74:D0'

option limit is the number of IPs in the pool, not the highest number that will be assigned. So this configuration should assign IPs between .100 and .249. If you want IPs between 100 and 150, inclusive, use start 100 and limit 51. The process is based on hashing the host's MAC into the range, so it appears "random" but it increases the chance that a returning host will be able to get the same IP.


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