DHCP after a nat

I want to cover a big area with a wifi network and for that i will use multiple router.
But i want also every person to have his own local network wifi and ethernet.
And to make it possible I to isolate them, i choose vlan to be able to control the internet speed using a switch and for security.

The only problem that i have is with DHCP, I need 1 DHCP for each VLAN.
And I have installed them on a computer and and I want them to be accessible only via nat.
And i want only one DHCP for VLAN to have continuity at the wifi level.
I have tried with DHCP relay but it doesn't work with the nat.
I need some help.

hi, NAT means you have a external/public IP and all internal clients "appear" on the external/public side under this single IP.

VLAN means you have a single phyisical network but multiple logical aka virtual LAN networks which are isolated from each other.

how do you think vlan + nat would work together? why vlan alone is not enough isolation?

as vlan provides logical segregation you can treat them as isolated networks hence assign dedicated dhcp, dns etc services per vlan.

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Do not do NAT on the APs, just create a SSID for each network, and bridge it to the corresponding VLAN. Then, configure a the NAT and DHCP server on the central router.

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