DGS-1210-28P F1 - Web Install


I'm trying to install openwrt on a DGS-1210-28P F1. I would like to avoid opening up the device if possible.
I am following these instructions: D-Link DGS-1210 rev F working factory images (no serial needed) - #12 by joer
I am trying to install the build via the web interface, however its not working and I get the following error:

Firmware Backup and Upgrade !
FW upgrade/backup fail, check FW file...

I have tried the following releases so far:
openwrt-realtek-rtl838x-d-link_dgs-1210-28-squashfs-factory_image1.bin (snapshot)

I am using the firmware version 6.20.B009 per the instructions.

I have read all the related forum posts already. Apologies if I am doing something stupid.


I'm afraid, your switch is not supported. Only DGS-1210-28 and DGS-1210-28MP are supported, not the DGS-1210-28P variant that you own.

However, support for it is probably trivial for you to add: The -28 and -28MP share the same board, the -28MP has only a few additional buttons and LEDs which I assume are also present on the -28P.

I would do the following to be on the safe side:

  • Attach serial
  • Boot the 28MP initramfs version via serial console
  • Verify that everything works
  • Create a new device in the OpenWrt source tree, all you need to change is the model ID so that the firmware image is accepted by the stock web GUI
  • Submit a PR

And if you are brave (I was lucky with the -28MP, I never opened my device when I was in your situation): Directly add the 28P variant to the source tree, build and flash and hope that your switch still boots :wink:

-28 and -28MP isn’t even close to similar board! -P is POE.

-28P and -28MP, -M is internal PSU and on the -10P and -10MP they are identical as far as the firmware is concerned.

So go with the -28P if you have a -28MP.

All GPIOs are the same, same flash layout, same i2c interface ... so it's very similar from the software perspective. On the TP-Links and ZyXELs, PoE is a separate daughter card so the mainboard is very similar. I didn't disassemble my D-Link and really do not know how close the mainboards are - bad phrasing from my side.

The OP has a -28P and is looking for an OpenWrt-compatible firmware which doesn't exist. There is only -28 and -28MP. You cannot install the -28MP version from the OEM web interface as the firmware tag won't match (although it should work just fine when flashed from U-Boot).

The difference between -28P and -28MP is the PSU, it's internal in all cases. The -28MP has 370W PoE budget, the -28P has 193W PoE budget.

Thank you very much for the detailed answer.