DG834G v2 Backfire 10.03 HELP

Hi there, that's my 1st post on the forum and I know it's the right place to get help.
So, I' have an old ADSL Netgear DG834G v2 and I want to install OpenWRT on it to try to extend my WiFi connectivity of my FTTC connection with my primary router.
I know that's possibile to install but I just want some kind of guide/tutorial to do that, or if someone can make me "on the path". I've 2 main questions:
1 - A sort of guide to install it (better step-by-step)?
2 - If I succed on installation, may I have the "Wireless Repeater" funcion on the router?

I hope someone can help me.

Thank you all in advance

The device is very old and the OpenWrt version that supports it is ancient, unsupported and vulnerable.
You can find some information in the device page, but you should not expect any support for that ancient version if something doesn't work.

Thank you, but if I succed to install, may I have the Wireless Repeater function?

No, 4/16 devices are impossible to use, the tiacx wireless driver has also never made it mainline due to blatant copyright violations committed during its development and even back then it was barely functional. I doubt anyone has seriously tried to use tiacx in anger for at least 15 years.

This device may barely work as a doorstop and is in serious need of a decent replacement, wich you can often find starting around 5-10 EUR/ USD on the various used markets or starting around 20 new/ delivered.