Dg-bg4300nu h/w ver. b2

iam looking for this router DIGISOL dg-bg4300nu h/w ver. b2 . guide me where and how can i build one if possible .

We have no idea where you can find hw X, based on your non disclosed location.

Iam from India. Here people using for DSL connection.
It's having usb interface and support 3g/4g devices but not working with usb tethering, iam interested to install openwrt in it . I will provide any information you need about the device.
I just open the device and fine it's having RTL chips in it and iam not loot at the cpu yet .
If you would help to install openwrt in it . Iam will provide the all the hardware details that available in the device .

No products by this manufacturer are currently supported by OpenWrt.

If you'd like to help with the development process, you can dive in here:


The interesting one is the one with the heat sink, but the surrounding RTL chips doesn't bode well.

Serial console's probably CN6, under the gray antenna cable, by the heatsink.

I will send the details tomorrow about it .

It's works with rj45 as a repetor.