Devices disconnecting from Wifi but nothing in log?

had some complaints from some users of my home network that their device is losing connection to the internet.

I've just experienced it myself first hand and checked the log, it shows absolutely nothing.

The device itself just becomes unresponsive to internet until you turn off/on the wifi on the device. I'm using a BT HH5A for this. Any ideas what the problem could be? I am lost without anything in the log to give me things to search...

I'm seeing that on Mikrotik RB952Ui-5ac2nD on the 2.4 wifi too. They both run Atheros chips. The 2.4 wifi just stops taking connections silently. This is on Openwrt 19.07.1 and I haven't got around to testing later versions yet to see if it's been fixed. I also haven't found any way to detect what has happened either. What version of Openwrt are you running?

I'm running 22.03.3 - I had one person complaining of disconnects all the time, literally all day they would complain it was happening. I've just switched them over to the 5GHz and will see if they have any more complaints.. If it is the 2.4GHz, I've no idea why. Its so strange.

I'm sorry to hear it's still doing that with the latesst version. No point me upgrading mine yet by the looks of it. I had a couple of times when it had happened that devices connecting reported password incorrect so I suspect it's to do with wpa2. Since mine nearly always have a device connected to them I just run a script via cron every 10 minutes and if there's nothing associated with it then run

/sbin/wifi down radio1 && /sbin/wifi up radio1

No one's complained about it since