Devices connected to OpenWrt extender not showing up in the main router

i got two of my extenders have latest openwrt installed (as the time of writing). my main router is stock firmware (openwrt not supported). i have configured my extenders using this link

both of them connected individually to my main router. however, in my main router, it reports that there are only two devices connected (the extenders). my phones, laptops, consoles, printers connected to my main router through them didn't show up in the main router's device lists. any help?? i have trouble getting my printer working

they are using the same ssid as my main router

First of all, I'm going to assume that all those devices get a proper connection, can reach the router, navigate internet, etc.

If they do not appear at the "Active DHCP Leases" section, then there is some other active DHCP server in your network, or you did not configure the extenders properly as extenders but routers.

If they do not appear at the "Associated Stations" sections, then that is expected behaviour, because as wireless stations they are connected to the extenders, not the main router.