Device with VLAN and 5GHz Support < 100 EUR

Hello everybody,
I am searching for a device supporting the following:

  • VLANs for WiFi networks and switch ports
  • 5GHz Support
    at best for less than 100 EUR.

To help you to better get my planned setup let me summarize it:

I am running VLAN capable switches right now and have divided our network into 4 vlans

  1. for my parents
  2. for myself
  3. for IOT-devices
  4. for guests

I plan to also have 4 WiFi networks one for each of the vlans. I would love to have 2 access points for these WiFi networks, each managing all of the 4 WiFi networks. Since one AP will be located at my parents I need this device to be configured having one lan port with all vlan and the others ones only with the vlan for my parends and the second device should be configured pretty much the same, but the ports should only work for my vlan.

I am unsure if using a mesh setup would be good as well, here I am open to your feedback.

I already take a look at tp-links archer c5 and c7, but doesn't feel that they would be the best solution for me. Netgear R7800 is a bit too expensive. What do you suggest?

Thank you very much

VLAN support is almost on every device and has virtually no CPU cost.

What ISP line rate do you have? Expect to have in 2-5 years?

Do you run a VPN of any sort? If so, what rate do you expect through it?

ISP downstream 50 Mbit/s upstream 10Mbit/s... I may will upgrade to 100 Mbit/s in a couple of years.
I am running openvpn on a linux machine as server and connect to external openvpn server (on work) sometimes. I guess I need a connection speed of 2 Mbit/s there.

HI !!!

You can use 4 little box's ( US $33.94 each ) with 5 * gigabits lan ports and wifi 2.4 & 5 Ghz as:

Can you please identify this device in the ToH?

Easy for install firmware with Breed Bootloader:

check openwrt when buying

serial port

BT Home Hub 5 Type A meets these specs. You can get it refurbished and pre-flashed for ~ÂŁ20 plus shipping.

@mackshot I am running an Asus RT-AC57U myself (which has an MT7612EN 2x2:2 radio). It's stable, and for a few 100 MBps of routing speeds, it should do fine. I'm happy with mt76 wireless myself. I have a 100/35 Mpbs VDSL2+ connection myself. It will be supported in 19.07 (the RCs already have images for it including LuCI).

There's also the D-Link DIR-878 A1 (which as pull request for support pending) but uses MT7615N 4x4:4 radios; mt76 driver support for this chip however is rather new and not fully stable yet. I've just received one myself, so I can test drive it :slight_smile:

Both can be had for under a 100 € and you can find the Asus even for under 60 € at majore e-tailers.

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@anon69880279 Thank you for this rather cheap and interesting device. Do you have any experience regarding stability of this device? Can I run it for many days without restarting or do I have to activate some auto-reboot logic here?
I am also interesting in your experience regarding real-world WiFi Speed and stability if you have some.

@Borromini Thank you. I saw that they are selling a "v2" for the Asus as well, but could not find any information in openwrt wiki about it. Am I right that you talk about the non "v2" version?

Do you have a link to the v2 version? You'd need to find out the specs before buying.

Here we go:

You need the internals (SoC, wireless chips etc.). The consumer oriented sales pitch never says anything about that.

E.g. the RT-AC57U v1 has a Wikidevi page, but the v2 not yet.

I agree... but that's all I found till now :frowning:

Google doesn't show any SoC info either for the v2, so you'll have to wait until someone gets one.

As for ordering a v1, you can ask sellers if they are carrying the v1 or v2. If they can't or won't tell (normally it's a different SKU) then you should look elsewhere.

mackshot ->

no problem in 5GHz mode
run only in repeater mode

2 * WR1200JS for use in WIFI 5GHz with Orange TV player
1 * XIAOMI R3G also with a TV decoder Orange


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