Device support question about Quantum gateway G1100 and D-Link DIR-865L

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I tried searching this but I could not find any definitive answers on whether either on of these routers are supported by openwrt.

I saw something about the G1100 being worked on and a githup account but I dont know if anything came out of the project. Can anyone fill me in?

As far as the D-link DIR- 865L, I saw a few websites and allusions to people installing but nothing definitive.

Does the fact that neither in on the Hardware supported list mean they will not work? or is there just very little support or people trying to install openwrt on these devices.

Thanks in advance for the guidance!

@mysterymeat21, welcome to the community!

Correct, for the most part. If its not on the list, there's no official firmware for it.

Regarding the G1100, as I was previously interested too - there are no available drivers for the MoCA cable interface, even if firmware was developed for it.

Can you provide that link?

This is the github page. its 2 years old. I cant tell if there is a working way to do it or if was an attempt at it.

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Hi all,

I have DIR-865L too currently running this unofficial TomatoUSB build

I've found this old link that generic brcm47xx would work

How stupid do you think am I, if I'm about to flash the latest standard build?

Thank you.

So, did you succeed?

I feel it must be so close - as you note, it worked back in 2014. DD-WRT likewise: