Device identification please

I have this oman tel router but dont know which company or brand it is. Is any one here who can identify this ?

MAC Address Vendor Lookup | MAC Address Lookup (


Does this help?

Or this?

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Found this information by mac address

Gosuncn Technology Group Co.,LTD.
Unique prefixes: 2

Block Size: 17825790 (17.82 M)

First registration: 22 July 2018

Last updated: 22 July 2020

MA-L: Mac Address Block Large (previously named OUI). Number of address 2^24 (~16 Million)

MA-M: Mac Address Block Medium. Number of address 2^20 (~1 Million)

Tried many other searches too

Did you try to open it and connect to its Serial interface?

By the way, what would you like to do with it?


They seem to make white labeled equipment, oddly they primarily produce products for Law Enforcement (i.e. governments).

I think trying the Serial interface is a good idea.

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I think it is not odd, knowing that The Omani government owns 70% of Omantel [Source: Wikipedia]

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Yes, I saw that. I guess I meant it's not common everywhere.

Open board. If it can help

Just want to extend my network via wifi.
I have to update the os as the current one is limited.

Do you have serial cable?

can you take a zoomed picture to the area highlighted in below picture? i guess this the serial pins but i want to see it closer to see if it is indeed the serial pins or not

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