Device disconnecting randomly on 21.02

I have a Xiaomi ac2100 router, based on the MT7621 with the last official version and I am facing random disconnections. First with Wifi and then wired, I don't see a pattern or common cause for this errors.

System logs when the device is connected via Wifi show a "DHCP packet received on Wlan0 which has no address" and sometimes "deauthenticated due to inactive".

With the same device wired I don't get any error.

Any help please :pleading_face:. I have an online exam in a few day and I need to use the problematic device.

Did you keep the settings when you upgraded to 21.02? It is advised not to keep the settings and configure from scratch, due to differences in configuration files between major releases. If you kept the settings, take a backup, then reset to defaults, and start configuring from the beginning using the backup as a guide only.

Umm I am not sure. I was in the 19.0X version and I think that during the setup I was forced to start from scratch (I think it was something related with a new partition system). Do you think that a complete reboot is the solution? Umm it is possible to downgrade to a previous version easily?

You can downgrade by flashing the 19.07 version, however you'll also need to not keep the settings.
If you are not sure that you didn't keep the settings, better start with the reset, before you try to downgrade.

I restarted but now I have another problem with the PPPoE connection, I have configured the Wan Interface, Vlan device and FW but the router is not getting and IP from the ISP.

Edit. Just when I send the message the router connected :joy::joy: well let's see if tomorrow the device keep connected.

Thank you very much !

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