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According to
Automatic snapshots for ar71xx generic devices are failing for "long" time.

Will be fixed sooner/later?


Hopefully today.
@xback merged today some fixes for enabling the last few devices to compile with 4.14.

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Sadly, no solution yet:

ap91-5g-kernel.bin is too big
ubnt-uap-pro-kernel.bin is too big
ubnt-unifi-outdoor-plus-kernel.bin is too big

Hi Hannu,

The fixes for these 3 targets were merged just moments after the buildbot made the snapshot. :slight_smile:

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Now the build has completed ok and there are again snapshot builds

Has anyone tried the new snapshots yet? I believe they should now use the new 4.14 kernel. Until now ar71xx was still on the 4.9 kernel.

I have seen 2 positive reports on IRC

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Yes snapshots and k4.14 are OK. Flashed to my c7-v2 and running fine! :slight_smile:

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ar71xx with 4.14 has been quite usable already several weeks, if you have compiled images by yourself.

The buildbot had trouble with a few devices, which broke the whole compilation run. Those devices have now been fixed or disabled, so the buildbot build completes and images for other devices are available.

But the other devices' 4.14 version has been ok for some time. I have used it for some weeks for WNDR3700v2.

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Great stuff, I'll probably give it a try with my NBG6616 over the weekend then.

Edit: OK, I've been running the 2 November snapshot for two and a half days now and all is fine. I did a normal sysupgrade, obviously had to reinstall LuCi and some other extra packages I use, and everything has been working like a charm.

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