Desiging a network and device map for connected devices


A lot of routers nowadays have some kind of fancy network/device maps that show what interface a client is connected to, whether that be a wireless or cable connected client. Usually on these pages you can then click on the device and change its settings such as it's hostname, set DHCP IP reservation etc.

I'm not sure if this has ever been asked but, is this a feature that could be implemented? I could see many OpenWrt users benefitting from it and I think it would attract new OpenWrt users that are used to the bog-standard routers that do have these features.

An Android app that I've using a long time that is very good a pulling up information about the currently connected subnet is Fing. The intuitive part of the app that I like is that it pulls the MAC address from a database so it can instantly tell you what the device is.

If a network map was to be made it doesn't need to have super fancy graphics, so a sleek table or spider diagram would work fine.

What's everyone's thoughts on this?


is this a feature that could be implemented?

There is work in progress