Delete unneeded device

If you have errantly created a device (Network/Interfaces/Devices), how do you delete it?

I believe there is no LuCI facility to "delete" (or reset to auto/un-defined) a device and you need to manually remove it from /etc/config/network via the command line.

See @jow's answer below: You can use the "Unconfigure" button next to the device in the list, in older versions of LuCI (including the one shipped in earlier versions of 21.02) it is labeled "Reset".


"Unconfiguring" a device will delete it in case the configuration resulted in a new netdev (like a macvlan or bridge device). Unconfiguring a builtin ethernet device (such as eth0) will not cause it to vanish, neither would removing it from /etc/config/network.

A network reload (not sure if an ifup/down of a random interface suffices) or a reboot or a restart of the network service will usually trigger the removal of such added devices.

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Ah, the "Unconfigure" button used to be called "Reset", which for some reason I always took for "restart device". Thanks for clarifying.