Degraded Hyper-V integration in 23.05.0 RCs

OpenWrt 23.05.0-rc1/rc2 seems to have partially broken Hyper-V integration services. Dynamic memory assignment still works, but neither does heartbeat (no contact) nor shut down (hypervisor can't send shut down command to VM). Both works fine in 22.03.5 and previous versions.

Hyper-V Gen2, configuration version 11.0

Is this a known issue which will get fixed before the final release?


This is not known, but also not explicitly tested. If you care about support for hyper-v hosts, you will probably have to spend some time on debugging/ fixing this, as this particular issue probably won't rate very high on the priority list either (it works on real hardware, it works on qemu-kvm, it presumably works on virtualbox and vmware (the later two aren't really tested regularly either) - if you find an issue, please raise it, ideally by providing a patch to fix it), so you may not find that many developers willing to replicate this setup and then spending time on debugging it.


Thanks for taking the time to reply, @slh! I do indeed care about this because I've been running several OpenWrt instances on a Hyper-V host for quite a few years now. This would potentially stop me from upgrading to 23.05. I'm happy to provide logs or SSH access to a live VM for debugging, but a patch is probably beyond my capabilities.

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Fixed by @hauke within a day of reporting on GitHub. Works again in current snapshot.
Thanks a million!

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