Default config file for pptpd lacks logwtmp option


I was installing pptpd on my LEDE 17.01.2 box and noticed pptpd did not start complaining "sh: out of range".
After a bit of investigation, "$uci set pptpd.pptpd.logwtmp=0" solved the problem but I don't know
if "0" is a neat setting.

Would you please provide the proper default value for logwtmp in /etc/config/pptpd?

This has to to with this validation check in the init script. I dont know why this is an uinteger value! It would be better to set it to an boolean.

If value is set to 1 it will be echoed into the configuration if not then do nothing.

that is still not fixed.
how to fix it permantly ?
tried to set in /etc/pptpd.conf
wtmp 0

but still not working ... hmm