Dedicated QoS-SQM device. Is it possible?

My current network looks like this.
ISP Modem > WR1043NDv1.

I'd like to do something like this:
ISP Modem > QoS-SQM on EdgeRouter X > WR1043NDv1.

But I'd like to make it work like a bridge and let WR1043NDv1 do everything except SQM. Would it be possible to pass along public IP given by Modem to EdgeRouter X onto WR1043NDv1?

I know this doesn't answer your question, but - why would you like to have your weaker device handle everything?

If you want to keep both, I'd say, have the EdgeRouter handle everything, and relegate the 1043ND to AP/switch.

I had it like that but the lack of USB on EdgeRouter caused issues for me.
I would rather just have it as dedicated QoS.

So one of the really cool things that cake brings to the party is the ability to look through the NAT. That is cake instantiated on the same router that does NAT will be able to look at the real internal and external addresses of all packets, which in turn can be put to use to set up a system that pretty much guarantees per-internal-IP fairness. But separating the router that does NAT from the router/bridge that runs sqm you will not have the ability to deNAT addresses and hence loose the ability to use the more advanced host isolation modes....

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I see.
So either make EdgeRouter the default router on the network and put WR1043NDv1 as AP/Switch or I should just buy on powerful device to do it all-in-one.

Thank you.