Decisions, decisions... please help me to find three devices. Or: My TOP 3


I am looking for three devices.
The "Supported Devices Chart" is awesome, but... too much possibilities. :wink:

Maybe anyone would be so nice and give me there top 3 routers for the following needs.

Type 1: Cheap, min. 2x2 MIMO 2.4GHz, 10/100 Ethernet, good Range, rock solid stable.
If possible: Unflashy, "business like" style - so no cheapo looking, glossy case.
So far i used TP-Link 841N but those power adapters are buzzing and they have only 4MB Flash.

Type 2: The same but with 4+ Gigabit Ethernet.

Type 3: The same but further with min. 2x2 MIMO 5GHz.

Thanks for all your suggestion!


Pick a favorite cheap gigabit Dual band router with 16MB flash and at least 128MB RAM. For 30 USD or less :wink:


I forgot: They should be buyable/available in Germany, so no "noname/china/ali/ebay" hardware.
The TP-Link Archer C50 looks great for the price, but unfortunately it has only 10/100 Ethernet. :cry:


Any suggestions?


Any of the Linksys "WRT" series.

I have 3 of them including the WRT3200ACM. I wouldn't run anything else.

You could likely find some inexpensive refurbs online as well.

Thank you!

Any cheapter option?

Hi Martin,

Cheap + Powerful = Chinese unbranded
Powerful + Available in Germany = Linksys/Mikrotik/PCEngines
Cheap + Available in Germany = TP-Link 841N or equivalent

Tell us a budget so we can think of something. Here's a device that fits in cat1 and sort of in cat3. And another that covers pretty much all your requirements (keeping in mind that the 5GHz interface is not ac).