Debugging new board

I've created a new board/menu entry in make menuconfig and have tried to create a minimal build. I have serial console access to the system. When I load the new uImage I see Starting Kernel and then the system reboots.

Is there a way to turn on more debug information during the kernel boot in order to get more information?
Are there any other debugging methods to troubleshoot this issue?

What is the target you are trying to make a build for?
Also, specifications and access to the code would really help.

This looks like pin configuration not correctly set,I had something similar on ipq806x

It's a proprietary board to a company in France called Vision Systems. I have their pin specifications as well. When I received the board it already had a bootloader and referenced imx6q-sabresd.dtb although they did not provide me with the dtb I found one with the same name under the openwrt software and have been using that one.
Do you think I should concentrate on how the dtb file is compiled and validate the pin settings through that?

I would suggest that you convert that DTB back to DTS so you can see actual definitions.
Then you can compare those to other imx6 boards,most likely pinctrl is not correct