Debricking Xiaomi R3G

Well, i have followed this guide ( to install OpenWrt into my new router and i mess it up at some point, nos i have a "soft" bricked device.

I were reading a lot, and i could establish a TFTP server, and with a serial to USB adapter, connect to u-boot menu.

I got into this, any ideas of what am i missing? i know it's almost done, but i cant figure it out!

Thank you in advise for your help, and sorry for bad english!!

What steps have you taken so far? Have you tried the Openwrt documentation?

I think the documentation provides a fairly easy way to debrick the router if you have connected a TTL adapter.

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i'm followin openwrt guide to debrick:



Using Serial Interface

Use this if failsafe etc fail..

You need

  • usb 3.3v to serial adapter

  • tftp server (preferably on

  • kernel0.bin (link)

  • stock firmware (link) renamed to miwifi.bin on fat32 formatted usb stick

To debrick

  1. Access serial console (use 3.3v adapter) and terminal emulator such as putty

  2. Flash the kernel0.bin file using option 2 flash using TFTP option in the U-Boot menu

  3. Connect usb stick press reset button and router will flash itself with stock firmware

  4. You can re-install openwrt as per original procedure

i've got the fttp server up, but i'm stuck at the step 2, modifying some parameters in tftp server now i got this:

GOT ARP REPLY, ser server/gtwy eth addr (xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx)
Got It
Got ARP REQUEST, return our IP.
Loading T T T T T T T T T T
Retry count exceeded, starting again.

i think i almost have it.

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The timeout means that the file it is looking for is not being served, make sure that the file is correctly named and that tftp working directory is set to where the file is actually available. Then it will load the file automatically.

Ok i made It. Un the manual there's no pointing to a very important thing: you must tell the tftp to "send" the file.

Finally didn't do It on Linux, i did It on Windows with Pumpkin as TFTP server, really easy to use, woked perfect on the first try.

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