Debricking Itus Shield

Hey @Grommish

I'm finally getting around to getting the Itus Shield appliance back up.

According to your docs there is: "The Embedded Failsafe is an emergency Stage 1 bootloader that will allow you to TFTP the firmware back to the device"

However, it looks like I must have corrupted that as well:

Using default environment

MMC:   Octeon MMC/SD0: 1
Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0
reading u-boot-octeon_rhino_itus7x.bin
Could not read u-boot-octeon_rhino_itus7x.bin, trying failsafe
Error: environment variable octeon_stage3_failsafe_bootloader is not set.
Octeon cust_private_rhino_itus7x#

Can it be recovered from this?

MMC/SD0 sound like removable media?

Check out Designing OpenWrt device from the (nearly) ground up

Google "u-boot-octeon_rhino_itus7x.bin", including the quotes.

Ok I was only missing u-boot-octeon_rhino_itus7x.bin .

I had to:

setenv loadaddr 0x400000
fatls mmc 1

Kermit TFTP transfer u-boot-octeon_rhino_itus7x.bin

go 0x400000

This got me back up on OpenWrt ( ItusrouterImage )

SSH in and:

mount /dev/mmcblk1p1 /overlay (mmcblk0p1 if your on the original Itus image)

put u-boot-octeon_rhino_itus7x.bin in the overlay dir

umount -l /overlay (it wouldn't umount /overlay)

I basically followed both here and here.

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