Deauthorization attack by captive portal

Hi all
Is there any way to avoid being disconnected or at least having to log in manually every time a captive portal disconnects me every twenty minutes?

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No, the AP is in charge of the association, it can terminate your connection at any point in time for any reason.

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Thanks for the answer
And do you know any means to automatically connect to the AP/captive portal once deauthorized?

One could script it, but wouldn't that likely be against the terms of service on any captive portal that intentionally disconnects users on a regular and short interval? Sounds like courtesy wireless access with a 20-minute limit.

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Not sure about the terms and conditions issue.
Would anyone have such script? (to do it myself is beyond my knowledge)

You may wish to read them, especially if you agreed to them. In some jurisdictions, theft of service is a serious crime.

You may want to ask as a new topic in the For Developers section if you don't get too many answers.