Ddnss.de update status questionable

Dear openwrt community,

Running 3 different dynamic dns. One of them ddnss.de, using ssl/https for updates (ipv4 only)
a) in openwrt 19.07.2 it shows the status Last update / Next update as Never / Verify
and in the logfile
112220 ERROR : IP update not accepted by DDNS Provider
112220 : Waiting 1440 seconds (Check Interval)
b) whereas in the ddnss account (on their webpage) it indicates the correct IP and the correct number of updates but nothing in the update log

Whats wrong ?

cheers blinton

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We have the same problem , don't know whether it will affect the IP update for the time being. It shows Never and Verify.

@loginuser, welcome to the community!

You and the OP failed to show us your config (omit credentials).

I have changed the DDNS provider to "no-ip.pl" and it is working now. DDNSS.DE has been retried due to an error and the update has been unavailable, causing the website to tell me that "the number of changes today has reached the upper limit."

Here we go, my ddnss configuration. I set the update interval according to max possible updates per day for a free account.

config service 'DDNSS'
	option service_name 'ddnss.de'
	option enabled '1'
	option lookup_host 'ddnss url'
	option domain 'ddnss url'
	option username 'user'
	option password 'pw'
	option check_interval '24'
	option use_https '1'

It's really funny, I made a fresh install, where I had to update some luci packages (19.07.2) in order to make luci-app-ddns run.
-> Now everything works correctly. -> just update the luci-app-ddns package.

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