Ddns-scripts why are they so huge?

Sorry for maybe disrespectful question, but anytime I need to setup ddns, I question why ddns-scripts has so many files and also why it's starting daemon (consuming memory) and not just use cron for periodic checking (in addtion to hotplug)?

May have been necessary to build a user-friendly solution with Luci WebUI.

If you don't need all that:

WRT3200 in ~ # cat /etc/udhcpc.user
if [ "$INTERFACE" = "wan" ]; then
        if [ "$J_T5_source" != "$(cat /tmp/ddclient_ip 2>/dev/null)" ]; then
                logger "$INTERFACE - $interface - $J_T5_source"
                _COMMAND_TO_UPDATE_DDNS_HERE_ && echo "$J_T5_source" > /tmp/ddclient_ip
exit 0

Don't forget to chmod +x it.

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