Ddns-scripts upgrade issue


I am having issues with the update of ddns-scripts since v4.4.36 - maybe even since v4.4.35, I am no sure.
I see that the option names in /etc/config/ddns have slightly changed, and I was able to upgrade my old config files myself.

However, I still have the issue that the ddns "configure" script hangs. This happens every time I run opkg upgrade ddns-scripts, for instance. What happens is that the ddns scripts are run, and since they have an infinite loop (where they update the IP and wait 600 seconds at each iteration), the "configure" step of opkg upgrade hangs. I have to stop the ddns service (/etc/init.d/ddns stop), wait for the configure step to finish with all the other packages, and then start it again.

Any suggestion on how to improve this?


I think there are two possibilities:

  • short term I need to implement PREINST section into Makefile to first stop the service and (re)start it in POSTINST.
  • long term there should be a default_preinst() function available doing the job

Here a questing to LEDE developers:
When is variable PKG_UPGRADE set, used inside default_postinst() function and is it already set and usable inside PREINST ?

@chris5560 - it should be available in the preinstall phase as well