DDNS page improperly filled out?

I registered for a dynamic DNS from NO-IP about a week ago. It all seems to be working OK, but I may have filled out some OpenWrt items wrongly. On Services > Dynamic DNS > Edit > Basic: one box is for "Lookup Hostname" and another for "Domain." I put in "abc_hostname.ddns.net" for both. Looking at the router and the NO-IP site, it seemed to update OK. But now I'm thinking the right entry for "Lookup Hostname" should be "abc_hostname" and the entry for "Domain" should be " ddns.net" Is that correct? If so, can I just change them and update OpenWrt?

Also, the NO-IP site says the my host.domain_name updated 5 times (so it's working) and that my "free" service expires in 21 days. Do these services send an email reminder for me to update? Their site doesn't say. And does "updating" usually mean logout/login?

I don't have DDNS installed, so I can't see how the interface looks like, but from the link below, I think you are correct

I don' know if they will remind you or not, but either way it doesn't sound very appealing. If you are serious about using DDNS, then life is too short to keep confirming DDNS every 30 days! If you don't wish to pay for DDNS, have a look at https://www.dynu.com. I am not, by any means, affiliated to them; I just tried it and it worked fine with me.

If you are interested in using DDNS then I imagine you are looking into accessing your network from internet. Please be aware of the security risks.

config service 'noip'
        option service_name 'no-ip.com'
        option domain 'foo.example.com'
        option username 'foo'
        option password 'bar'
        option lookup_host 'foo.example.com'
        option enabled '1'

Should be everything needed, of course you need to have ddns-scripts_no-ip_com installed as well.

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Yes, I have ddns-scripts_no-ip_com installed. My OpenWrt DDNS is already configured...just want to make sure I did it right. From your CL it looks like "domain" and "lookup_host" can be the same, ie 'foo.example.com' So I guess I'm fine.

I still am not sure how the NO-IP update works. I agree that doing a login every 30 days is not appealing, nor is paying for a service I won't use very much. But I have used it in the past for remote ssh into my home network, and I think VPN also needs it. Previously, I used another service which also had the 30 day thing...but I forgot about it for a few years...yet it was still updating my router. Am a bit confused about these services...

This one seems to be free https://www.dynu.com

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I'm not sure why you keep opening new threads.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

I'm starting to think you don't believe me or something...This will be the third time I've answered you - they send an email to the registered address.


It means you updated your IP address. Why are you making something that's working, so difficult?

This was also explained in a previous thread.

To be clear, you don't have to visit the NO-IP site daily. It seems like you're implying that. You just answer the email they will send in 21 days; and every month thereafter.

I think he was talking about the re-verification. (I wasn't aware of the other post though.

I have an account with Dynu and it doesn't look like it expires--that's just FYI.

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TWO other posts. It's been explained that No-IP sends a verification email every 30 days; but the OP asks other questions about verification anyways.

I told the OP about Dynu, he choose No-IP.

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Their site does say!!!

From: https://www.noip.com/support/faq/frequently-asked-questions/ - under "Why Did My Free Hostname Expire or Get Deleted?":

Otherwise you can confirm the hostname by following the link in the emails you receive 7 days and 0 day prior to your 30 day expiration date.



Feel free to read instructions, past threads, Wikis and relevant FAQs to build your knowledge on DDNS.

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