DDNS not updating www on cloudflare

Hello, I have installed DDNS and setup Dynamic DNS so that it updates my cloudflare account. It does this for mydomain.com, but does not update the part www. How do I fix this?

not sure you can update two dyns using one config, tried cloning it ?

or skip the www (or the non www), if the IP's always the same, what's the point .... ?

I've tried cloning it and can't seem to get it working. The purpose of www is to access www.mydomain.com and not mydomain.com. If deleted mydomain.com either can't be found or just available as mydomain.com. i.e. they have to be listed separately

The syntax should be “www@mydomain.com” if I’m reading the script correctly. Is this what you entered?

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Yes, it works.
Thank you so much.

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