Dd-wrt 3.0 on DIR-825 B1 conversion to openwrt possible?

HI I've been given a DIR-825 B1 with the DD-WRT os on it.
I would prefer to install OpenWrt on it.

I did found some post talking about it but none works.
when I try to upgrade by the firmware update methode on the dd-wrt device it say update succesfull but after a reboot. It still is DD-WRT running. no matter the firmware sent (orginal or AR71 or AR79 openwrt bin file)

I then used the firmware recovery option (30 seconde hold reset, yellow flash on the power light, ip of router is not nad the recovery page does show)

I pushed 3 firmware with all the same result. first the latest factory bin provided by D-link , no joy, The latest openwrt (with AR79) no joy, then the openwrt-19.07.2-ar71xx-generic-dir-825-b1-squashfs-factory.bin as specified in one of the post I've read. still no joy, showed updateing failed and dd-wrt was still running.

IS there another methode that I could use?


should probably try to to go back to stock first ...

I would like to, but was not able to push a factory image either

then you probably need to ask dd-wrt how to :frowning:

Was hoping to not have to talk to them. But if I have to.
Got some real funky attitude problem every time I spoke to them.

For DD-WRT read the page about router bellow and first try updating from your current dd-wrt build to a newer one then try flashing openwrt again.


Link for newest dd-wrt build of 825 B

Here is link for both openwrt files for your router.

the recovery page on this router is very picky
you need a computer with windows XP & it's old internet explorer to use it
at lest that what i found last time windows 7 was not enough
if you get this to work tho
you can upload any of the factory images dd-wrt openwrt or Dlink's