Davidc502- wrt1200ac wrt1900acx wrt3200acm wrt32x builds

Yes I am using 160Mhz right now on channel 56 if that helps.

david, how can i build from your settings with adding these feeds:
echo 'src-git node https://github.com/nxhack/openwrt-node-packages.git' >> feeds.conf

i really need nodejs latest version but it will mismatch with my 18.06.3 build.



Why not use sed?

sed -i '$ a src-git node https://github.com/nxhack/openwrt-node-packages.git' feeds.conf

The run

./scripts/feeds update -a
./scripts/feeds install -a

if your after the .config file i normaly use

wget https://dc502wrt.org/snapshots/r10307/targets/mvebu/cortexa9/config.seed -O .config

make defconfig

then I use

make menuconfig



FFYI. If you plan to use sqm scripts and not qos scripts, then you must remove Luci-app-qos & qos-scripts. You cannot use both at the same time, nor can you simply disable qos-scripts because it leaves artifacts in iptables among other things.

opkg uninstall luci-app-qos qos-scripts && /etc/init.d/firewall restart


Thanks for the info bud.

also it should be

opkg remove luci-app-qos qos-scripts && /etc/init.d/firewall restart
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good catch :wink:

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I am learing slowly but surely.

I wonder if we’ll ever see Airtime Fairness patches for the 3200?

@davidc502, i try it some time ago, but have incompatibility with some 80MHz adapters.

PS: I'm recetly deploy you laterst firmware, so far so good. 5G wifi speed is better, then my provious Jan one.

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Oh, blimey, never seen that anywhere before. I've just been stopping the service each time I upgrade.

Your not the only one, even i had it disabled however i have removed it now as i only use SQM for now as it hard to split an ADSL connection into chunks for more then 6 systems.

Also want to mention @davidc502, i returned my router back to stock and reflashed the latest firmware back and was having issues with the openwrt-mvebu-cortexa9-linksys_wrt32x-squashfs-factory.img in terms of Wireless, it got to the stage that either 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz would run but not both, i ended up flashing the openwrt-mvebu-cortexa9-linksys_wrt32x-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin twice (So that both partitions where flashed) in order to get Both wifi's working. I forgot to save the system log like a muppet, however when i looked at what mwl firmware was installed and noticed that mwifiex-sdio-firmware wasn't installed however after flashing the .bin file it was.

What's the prevailing way to go at this point for QoS? Is SQM considered good enough? Only have a couple users right now. I just used that script on my WRT32X to remove QoS, never did that before.

I have used QoS before where you set bandwidth per IP and although at the time this was on an Archer VR2600 it worked it wasn't as good as what SQM/AQM.

So to me if your after removing Bufferbloat i will always suggest to use SQM/AQM over using standard QoS.

Yeah, I'm primarily using SQM to counteract buffer bloat, but it's also becoming more and more useful as I video conference as part of work, we have two TVs capable of streaming 4k content in the house, a young son with a PS4 and iPad and a 200mb/s cable modem :rofl:

Yea I always get A+ bufferbloat and all the scores now on dslreports.com/speedtest, this is the first router I've consistently scored that high. SQM seems the way to go. Must be a testament to WRT32X having good hardware but mainly OpenWrt being a great platform.

Same here btw, have 200Mbit cable on 4K TV, gaming PC, PS4, etc. Of course gaming itself barely uses any bandwidth (less than 1Mbit) just needs well prioritized packets. Updating games is another matter, updates are always huge these days so fast connection is a must.

I was actually very impressed the first time I noticed that there was a 4k stream running on both TVs, I was torrenting (so lots of connections) and making a VOIP call and there was no degradation of audio (I'm a telecoms engineer by trade so get rather picky about these things! :grinning:). The WRT32X/WRT3200 is a very capable little router, it's a shame the wifi isn't a little more robust.

Yea Wi-Fi on the stock Linksys firmware is excellent which actually runs an old version of OpenWrt on kernel 4.4 that hasn't even been updated in 1 1/2 years (they literately don't bother), so we know what it's capable of.

I really have no Wi-Fi issues on OpenWrt davidc502 though. Yea there are missing features like MU-MIMO, mesh, etc. but it works fine on 80MHz channels, I don't notice any performance difference unless I compare benchmarks of which I never care about in daily use.

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Very strange indeed! I did hear of one other user who had issues with wifi until both partitions were populated with OpenWrt. So, your experience seems to "jive" with what another user stated. I really don't think much of one-offs because they are way out of the standard deviation and so you have to figure it is more than likely "operator error", but when we get 2 users (1 being a power user), then there may actually be something to look at.

If I'm understanding what your are writing, you seem to indicate mwifiex-sdio-firmware is not included in the .img, but is present in the .bin? Is that correct?

It seems that way yes, I can tonight do a backup and retest the whole thing. Only notice the issue due to the wipe. But will test it again, as the falling question is also normally removed when there is issues with the wrt32x and wrt3200acm.

I make intensive and extensive use of the wifi on a WRT3200ACM, and my experience with this device is that it is rock solid, except for two known issues:

  • WDS requires disabling group rekeying.
  • IoT devices do not connect.