Davidc502- wrt1200ac wrt1900acx wrt3200acm wrt32x builds

I like the looks from the screenshot. Have you got a compiled .ipk of these latest changes? I could not find it yet on your Github. I checked in the 'devel' branch as well. Thank you for your continued work with this, great stuff.

Will be compiling soon infact, just deleted the old build folder and starting again and will be building pretty soon.

Dear solidus1983,
Everything looks great. I look forward to the completed project - so I can slap it on my router. I love the OpenWRT Branding.. You are like a Grand Master - Renoir Degas Manet Monet and so on.

New version has been compiled now, simply remove the original one in the WebGUI then open putty
and type the following command

wget https://github.com/solidus1983/luci-theme-atmaterial/releases/download/V0.0.2/luci-theme-atmaterial_devel.ipk && opkg install luci-theme-atmaterial_devel.ipk

This will download it and install the new version in one go.

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This if everyone like its as its now on the devel branch will be the master version, Then its time we can mess about with other colours.

Will see how everyone response to it including the Great @davidc502 before merging it to the master branch.

Dear solidus1983,
Hello and I just installed the new OpenWrt Branded theme. It looks great and my thoughts are this:
You are the first in my experience to create and put together a customized OpenWRT Branded theme - so you are an innovator. DD-WRT Tomato and all other router distros offer this option. Congratulations and thank you. The interface is very pleasing to look at and is most responsive. So in terms of functionality and aesthetics it is exquisite. Any future fine tuning will only enhance an already perfect front end for OpenWrt.
Once again - keep up the outstanding work and thanks.
Peace and Grace.


I love the look! The OpenWrt logo looks very clean and works well with the colors, I really really like it!

The coloring for the "Login" and "Reset" buttons work really well, kind of like what I tried to mockup in the past.

Everything else as far as I can tell just looks right. I haven't explored the latest version to see if anything else stands out behind the scenes, but as far as I can tell from these two screenshots - I love it!

Great job

@solidus1983 Thank you for your efforts and for providing .ipk as well.

I really like the new changes with the OpenWrt logo and color schemes look great now as well.

The only suggestion that I have at the moment is regarding the alignment of the OpenWrt logo. I see that you have it centered horizontally. But vertically, it looks like it is closer to the top within that blue section with more blue space at the bottom of the logo. I would suggest center alignment vertically as well so that the logo has equal spacing on the left and right (as it already does now) and equal spacing top and bottom which is what I am suggesting. Cheers!

WOW ! I just installed this new OpenWrt Branded theme on my Slate (GL-AR750S-Ext) and by God - it made the little travel router render its' settings perfectly. As I said the interface is very very responsive. IMHO solidus1983 - you really outdid yourself. Prior to using this theme I was using the default bootstrap / material or whatever. It was as if the settings were unreadable - the pages were almost entirely static. So, I threw this on this router just by way of experimentation - and by God this little thing now flies. Thank you so very much for your efforts once again. Most certainly this theme will inexorably spread way beyond the limits of the Davidc502 Community.

It should be aligned horizontally and vertically as I padded the top to force it downwards however it might just need a little bit more padding down.

@WildByDesign could you alignment check this.

Changed top padding from 5px to 10px and commit the change to devel branch which is now being recompiled for the ipk.

If everyone is happy with this i will be committing this to master branch today. So when the next build comes from DavidC502 it should make its way into his firmware.

@solidus1983 -
i don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I liked the router model instead of the openwrt logo for two reasons: 1 - openwrt logo looks dated, esp with bloack letter outlines on nive blue background, and 2 - there is more information with the router model. this might be helpful when you have more than one router in your setup!?!?

take a look at this openwrt logo:

could bothe router model and openwrt logo be present?

due to space its either or, even the above logo will not fit in the space. just look at my devel git for the cascade.css under branding section and you'll see what i am working with. If you can make a new SVG file for the OpenWRT without the outline i could replace the logo with that, else it looks like i am going to need to make two branches one with logo and one with router model.

For those that want the OpenWRT Logo version with the logo aligned correctly uninstall the old one via WebGUI and ssh into your router and run this command

wget https://github.com/solidus1983/luci-theme-atmaterial/releases/download/V0.03/luci-theme-atmaterial_openwrtlogo_all.ipk && opkg install luci-theme-atmaterial_openwrtlogo_all.ipk
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@solidus1983 Thank you for the update. I just installed the latest .ipk and the logo alignment is perfect. I love it. Keep up the great work.

One thing that would be ultimately cool, yet more difficult, would be color theme selection within the theme itself. Such as, having different color combinations for theme that you can select from a drop-down menu. This would be good of course for the common Light theme, Dark, and whatever other various color themes like your Linksys colors and so on.

Not sure if one theme with multi-colour combos are possible.

wtf is wrong with your wifi? I tried it even on 3200acm. couldnt get it too work on wrt32x. What a shit firmware.

For starters not the best way to post, secondly i am running a WRT32x with the same firmware without issues on either 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz for that matter, even 160 part works as well, will be able to test this more when my Killer AX1650 comes.

You haven't even stated what the issue is, Also its not OpenWRT firmware's fault that the mwlwifi driver hasn't been updated in a while either.

So rather then flaming how about some information of the issue an maybe your /etc/config/network output with the IP's PSK and SSID's blanked might help us help you.


I question the validity of posts like those.. It wasn't 8 days ago he/she made a post about how good the firmware was and even pointed out in another post how it wasn't laggy for them. Also 8 days ago the user posted they owned a WRT1900ACSv2, and now they are posting that they have a 32x and 3200acm.
So, I don't know if the user is trolling or just bouncing around from hardware to hardware. I do know a vast majority of people are perfectly happy with mwlwifi, and even more people absolutely love OpenWrt. I tend to throw posts like those out because they are clearly out of the bell curve.


What's your opinion on theme boss?, I am starting to see your way of thinking looking at then posts the user has made I am not sure what's going on but some educate would had been nice from the user. The open source community will always try to help out. But I am also starting to think troll. I am enjoying the OpenWRT firmware yes the mwlwifi has issues however in its basic form it works. Will be able to test the 160hz bandwidth soon once new WiFi card comes (AX1650) as my 1535 is getting old (2015 so 3 years old).

The issue is the 5GHZ is not working on wrt3200 and wrt32x. I can’t get it work. I tried switching channels, restart, reset, still ”wifi not..” blabla. It works flawless on OpenWrt latest firmware without issues. Why make it complicated? And even when i browse around in sometimes the pages goes blank and I i need to re-enter too get it too work. The firmware worked great on WRT1900ACS v2 thats why I wanted too try it on my newer routers but it’s too buggy for me. I don’t want too spend hours for trying too fix one thing like wifi. I have other things too take care of. Not trying to be rude but its not working and I don’t know why. I’m don’t know if the latest wifi driver really matter for wrt3200, whats the diffrens? Less latency? Works great on latest openwrt, no jitter and its smooth and flawless.

Just came to report that r10077 is working fine so far on the WRT1900AC V1. This is the first build I've tried since r9813 that was having continuous reboot issues.

Glad to report no more reboot issues, 12 hours strong so far. Will report back if anything changes. Thanks.