Davidc502- wrt1200ac wrt1900acx wrt3200acm wrt32x builds

hmmmm its strange. after i wok up i did a speedtest and everything seems ok.even on other devices. Mate10 Pro, 2 Other Laptops, 2 Sony Xperia 5, 1 Enigma 2 Receiver with Wireless and with Gigabit., no Problems so far actually...

my 5g seetings are in router
AC Mode on Channel 36 80MHZ

My Laptop has a Killer Wireless 1535
So it is connected to the Router with 866,7Mbit/s. So far no Problems but what i find strange is that i was yesterday also connected with the same Speed and everytime i only got 20Mbit/s download. The Gateway Router was not affected by this issue. Maybe this Autoswitching from the radios was the problem.
This is what i see in the wireless menu. it is switching from one to another radio? every 2 or 3 seconds. is this ok ? can i disable that ?

780.0 Mbit/s, 80MHz, VHT-MCS 9, VHT-NSS 2
866.7 Mbit/s, 80MHz, VHT-MCS 9, VHT-NSS 2, Short GI



I always install wireguard after upgrading to a new davidc502 build on my WRT1900ACS. The commands I use are:

opkg update
opkg install luci-proto-wireguard luci-app-wireguard wireguard kmod-wireguard wireguard-tools

I usually need to reboot thereafter but it works every time.

Maybe a previously answered newbie question. Does a version update erase the configuration? I'm in your previous version for WRT32X

Nope it doesn't erase the configuration if you don't want it to. Please check the box keep configuration when you flash.

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Thank you slim and davidc

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I had gotten wireguard running, may I ask where in the luci interface do I setup/configure dnscrypt-proxy 2 ? The wrt32x router is using isp default DNS server now.

Thank you

Edit: I read previous posts it seem I will have to type commands in putty to set it up, can I follow this guide instead ? [Tutorial] [No CLI] Configuring DNS over TLS with LuCI using Stubby and Dnsmasq thank you

edit 2: to be more precise, my wrt32x WAN setting is 'use peer advertised dns' which is the DNS over tls on the forefront router, however when connected to the wireguard VPN, the client device uses its own ISP DNS server, is there a command to enforce the 'use peer advertised dns' of the VPN server router ?

edit 3: wireguard dns leak solved, always configure the dns field at wg client side configuration, i put the server(router's) local ip, so its back to the question on how to use dnscrypt or install dns over tls on luci.

Unfortunately increasing max connections for DNS didn't solve my issues with r11627. After perhaps a day, dnscrypt-proxy fails again and I have to restart it. I'm back to r11266 for the time being. It's the last build I have which works well for me.

@davidc502 Hi. Thanks for the builds.

I have updated recently and noticed that the Wireless configuration page changed and my additional Wi-Fi networks show "Wireless is not associated". Yet, they work. Do you have an idea what might be causing it?

Also, how do I properly add WPA3 support?

I had this issue myself, the only way I managed to fix it was do SSH in and issue

rm /etc/config/wireless
wifi config

Then rebooting the router and re-setup the AP's

As for WPA3 you need wpad-wolfssl I think.

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I'm afraid wpa3 is a train wreck on the ac series routers. The drivers and firmware have been abandoned from a dev standpoint, so is unknown if wpa3 support will ever be in place.
Today, you can certainly test wpa3 on any of the ac series routers, but be aware it isn't supported and likely won't work properly.



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Oh wow. Just looked at git repo and Marvell website page for the chip: both have been abandoned.

Do you know of any new routers based on new hardware with good drivers?

I wouldn't recommend removing the entire config folder as this would remove a lot of things. This one is simpler:

rm /etc/config/wireless
wifi config

then reload ssh and reboot

Opensource wifi drivers/firmware? The drivers in the ac series I would consider as 'ok' because they work well in a generic sense, but do lack in various areas I.E. some legacy/IOT devices that refuse to connect, no wpa3, no MIMO, and DFS issues to just name a few.

What I've been recommending for a long time now is to use OpenWrt as a router, and get separate AP's that run factory firmware/drivers. The router functionality alone is worth having Openwrt, and just leave the wifi portion to the manufacturer.

Edit What several of us have been talking about is to move over to clearfog solidrun - https://shop.solid-run.com/product-tag/clearfog-pro/
I would use it just as a router and add a AP to it via Ethernet port.


Good call I forgot to add the wireless bit lol. Blonde moment.

Just to clarify, these wireless issues (no working WPA3, no MIMO/ DFS, interoperability issues with esp8266) are specific to Marvell's mwlwifi firmware/ drivers - other wireless chipsets supported by OpenWrt (e.g. ath10k (QCA), mt76 (Mediatek)) are maintained and are not affected by any of these. The sad part just is that Marvell is a clear winner in terms of wired- and routing performance (aside from x86_64, it's the only target that can cope with 1 GBit/s linespeed right now), but its wireless support is… limited…

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Thanks for specifying because I don't keep up.

Best Regards,

Has anyone actually confirmed wpa3 trouble on these devices?
And if it's just a problem with PMF, what about relaxing that rule? That doesn't make it strictly wpa3 compliant, just wondering where the disconnect is

@jeff1 and @tiagogaspar8 have been dabbling in WPA3-SAE.

I can't get 802.11w to run stably on my WRT1900ACS-UK. It works but with these issues:

  1. Optional doesn't work. Even when setting it to optional (ieee80211w=1), clients that don't support it just don't ever work. mwlwifi and hostapd sets the beacon info appropriately, but the firmware processes it as if it is still set to required (ieee80211w=2).
  2. You lose IPv6. I think it could be related to multicast packets. IGMP gets borked.

Well we can't even relax the rule to "optional" since it's broken.



NXP has completed the acquisition of Marvell's wireless business unit on Dec 06. The ball is in NXP's court to provide support. Whether or not they'll do that – only if there is a business case. It looks like there may be a super duper tiny chance for the Wave 2 chip (8964 in the WRT32X and 3200ACM) to have ongoing (but closed/under NDA/under contract customer) support as it is not labelled as:

Not Recommended For New Designs

Archived content is no longer updated and is made available for historical reference only.

Unlike the 8864.

So their business analysts have found that there is still probable profit to be made from the AC Wave 2 chips.

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