Davfs2 - how is it work?

i have install openWrt on my router (Ravpower RPWD03) and is work. I install davfs2 but I dont how is it work. I see the folder of dav2 on the router. but not more. is there a button in LuCI

I have an smart phone with EnPass. This aplication need Webdav to connect with my router.

do you have a tip or a tutorial ?

I have search with Google , but found nothing, what is helping me.
sorry for my bad English

thanks for tips

It looks like the davfs2 package you’ve found is litterally just a file system. it doesn’t have any file browser interface exposed into luci.

Take a look here for Arch doco but it will most likely need some adaptations to suit both openwrt and your use case. This should get you halfway.

If you’re still stuck, can you try and summarize what you want to do from your phone using this thing? And any other specifics/errors you’re seeing

Ok, thank you. I will try it

I am not a Linux coder:

There is a system wide configuration file /etc/davfs2/davfs2.conf and a user configuration file ~/.davfs2/davfs2.conf .

what mean this: "~/ " where is the location ~/.davfs2/…

Thanks for your helping

@thimberwolf, welcome to the community!

As I read https://www.enpass.io/, you will need a WebDav server to store your passwords. At least in my opinion, doing this on your router is not a wise idea from a security standpoint.

It may be easier to find tutorials for setting up, for example, nginx with webdav modules (which do not require a special file system) on something like a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian. You can then port-forward to that device.

See, for example



To add on to the info provided by Jeff and Ilichi, openwrt does not have any other users/logins by default, so you’ll only need to worry about system wide configs, which are usually in /etc or a sub directory or two below it.

I do hope this info is helpful. Again, if you are still stuck I’ll help as best I can.

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Hello again,
I install nginix and would install webdav modules nginix extras. Than I receive an error
Do you have an idea ?

thanks and best reagrds