Data transfer through Router!

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I want to use OpenWrt router for traffic control between simulator and our computer as below.
I do not have an experience in networking. Is it feasible to make this kind of architecture? or Can I connect ethernet cable from simulator to wan port? ( I know that wan port is used for UP stream. Simulator not only send a signal but also receive a command signal from computer)
I need your advice.

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Byeon seongsu,

On most routers, all the ethernet ports can be separated into individual interfaces using VLANs, then configured to make all the traffic pass through the CPU, where you can make pretty much anything with it.

However, beat in mind that not many devices can sustain throughputs higher than about 100 Mbps in this type of configuration.


Thank you for your email.
''On most routers, all the ethernet ports can be separated into individual interfaces using VLANs,''
I attached current router's interface.
Can you recommend me how to change this configuration?


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byeon seongsu

Change to what? In your first post you just gave a vague idea of what you are trying to accomplish...

PD: Please, use copy-and-paste (with proper formatting) instead of screenshots.

Hello Byeon,
First of all, according to the forum rules, avoid signing every post of yours.
Second use Preformatted text </> to paste output from the router, rather than uploading screenshots.

Regarding your question, you can add more vlans to your switch configuration. Currently you have Vlan1 assigned to all the ports. Remove one port from Vlan1 and assign it on the new Vlan that you'll create, for example Vlan2. Don't forget to add the CPU as tagged on all the new Vlans, if you want the router to have a Vlan interface.
Finally add a new interface on the new physical vlan interface.

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