D7800 crashing when making Wireguard / firewall changes

I had the D7800 running perfectly for over 200 days of uptime. Simple ethernet WAN config and running Wireguard VPN.

I came home the other day after a power outage and it had crashed. Power cycling did not fix it so I reset and performed an update to 19.07.2 while I was at it. I think it had been running 18.06.4.

Within 30mins it had crashed, wifi was available and connected but I could not ping the router. I connected an ethernet cable and again got an IP address but could not ping or access the router.

I put 18.06.8 on and within 30mins it happened again. Both times I was editing Wireguard config.

I then reset again and put 19.07.2 back on and removed the ath10k-firmware-qca9984-ct and kmod-ath10k-ct packages and replaced with the non-CT drivers after reading this thread: Wireless instability on Netgear R7800 (19.07.2 migrated from 18.06.4)

The router has been stable now for hours but I am not game to re-install Wireguard packages.

Has anyone had stability issues configuring Wireguard? I haven't been able to get any logs because the router was inaccessible.

Has been up now for approx 6 hours with no issues. I am assuming the problem was the ath10k CT code.

Stable after 24hrs. Issue was obviously the CT drivers. I assume they were in 18.06.8 as well. I think I was on 18.06.4 previously. What are the plans for these drivers moving forward? Is it something that only affects the D7800?

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