D_team D2 Device. Yet another noob who locked himself out:-/

Hello :-/
Hem sorry to disturb.
I am trying to use a D2 device with OpenWRT on it and I managed to lock myself out :-/
I mean, the device seems to start up but I don't get any IP address.
That's because I wanted to integrate it into my network so I switched from proto = 'static' to proto = 'dhcp' in the network file ... :-/
I had of course commented the static address part so he wouldn't have his static address.
But apparently that didn't work out so well.
Incidentally the 'bridge' mode is still on if it means something to you guys.
I do have a backup though ... managed to do something smart before locking myself out.
It's just that with no way to talk to the thing the backup isn't much use :-/ ... yet
Hem ... any advice as to how I might proceed?

Re-flash from bootloader.

Thanks. Can I do that straight a USB key? With no console?
Hem Ok in the meantime I found something that unblocked me.
Indeed I f... up the network config.
The router will allow me in if I connect it to the a usual LAN port and not on the WAN port (which connects it to my provider router) Yes I have to go through a double NAT and it's ugly :-/.
But ok so I can get in and hopefully fix it. I've seen some page somewhere on the Wiki about this.

If you've set the lan to dhcp client, plug a lan port into another network which has a dhcp server, then log into that dhcp server to find the IP address that was assigned to the OpenWrt router.

In the default configuration, the firewall prevents any possibility of logging in through the wan port since that port is usually connected to the Internet and that would be insecure.

My understanding that your device have Breed bootloader installed and you can simply upload the image through the web interface. So no stick, no console :wink:

should provide an easier method (let the router fully boot up, press the reset button for >10s, wait till it resets/ reboots).


Mmm, thank you I will look into that.
Found out for the upgrade using the web interface.
Will actually need that since my device is using a 18_* version of OpenWRT. Would like to get it to 22* since it is available here

But it does look like the Web interface isn't quite happy with just *bin files ...
Will have to look into that