D-link dwr-921 version c3 not usable

hi guys...I installed openwrt on my router...got a success message but now after rebooting..the device is unusable. I am unable to log in to Wifi, no 4G. the only thing working is the power led. I tried to ping the router without success..host unreachable. Also tried TFTP installers in vain is my router paper weight?...Help

OpenWrt defaults to (not .0.1)

okay will try this..thanks
Is it normal to have the leds off(except the power led)?

It has worked....thanks. How do you enable lte modem?



:cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:...how do you execute the uci command? Am a noob...

You need to log into the device with SSH.


Thanks managed to enter the first command for network...the second command is tricky for esp. placeholder and real data
How do I know 4g is working?

You would have Internet.

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