D-Link DWR-921 IMEI Blocked

hi there,
i am new here and i have ran into problems with the D-Link DWR-921 4G modem.
so it's the only country in the world i believe, who is asking us to pay for device imei registration, this means that previously i used aircard from netgear the 785s, and i paid 40USD for it's imei to be able to receive cellular reception, remind you this isn't air time payment it's a payment the government is ripping peoples and taking on any phone modem with a 4G or 3G modem. they have also blocked my phone which i bought from the UK and asking for 850USD for a note 22 ultra. Now this is un-acceptable.

Back to the main point.
i need to change imei on DWR-921 to my Netgear 785s imei that i have already paid for, since that device is dead now i can safely use its imei. i could use some help from the community as i have installed the modem using UQMI interface in OpenWRT. the problem is it wont accept the new IMEI, in the AT command section.
could someone please help me with this? i don't want to pay these Rip offs another 30USD for the new imei to be unbocked.
this is just unfair.

[UPDATE] So after looking on different forums i saw couple of posts people's saying that it maybe stolen. For that reason i am uploading proof of purchase just so everyone knows i have genuine problems with the goverment taxes.

Thank you.

Well IMEI it's burned into the radio chip so from my knowledge you can't change it (unfortunately for you)

maurer imei can be changed,
that's the command, you need a utility app though, for exmaple in android you could use xposed installer to do it for you,
in openWRT you need an apk to communicate with the modem and re-write imei information back to it. i just don't know which utility would work, i tried UQMi but it doesn't work with the EGMR command.
another app is minicom in openWRT. that too doesn't seem to like EGMR command.

EVEN though the luci app do have imei change configuration, i don't know why it won't work' here is a screenshot.

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Minicom is a terminal app, it doesn't like nor dislike commands.

Just for the sake of clarity. I'm almost sure that modifying your IMEI can get you into legal troubles in your country (if it's as restrictive as you say it is)

frollic that maybe true i am just trying my best to use any available resources at hand.
this country is so fucked that they introduced tax on solar panels 25% to be exact. can you believe that? and how fucked is this that if someone buy you a gift like a phone from another country even though they have paid all the taxes on that phone, this stupid government will charge you almost 50% in taxes just to let you use the phone. this is just stupid and un-acceptable.

BTW minicom support commands so i assume it should be able to accept input from these commands as well like AT and ATi in general. here is an example.

An d you want to risk trouble with this regime for 30$? I mean it's definately up to you but it's just not worth it from my perspective...

that is true but i bought the 785s aircard in january and paid 104.48

look at the order i paid all taxes in the UK
soon as i shipped it to my brother they blocked it and asked for 40USD to un-blocked imei. i PAID THAT. now that that device is broken due to lightning strike, i bought the D-LINK DWR-921.
why should i pay again? this is just seriously messed up. :frowning:

I'm not going to challange the reasons behind this. Please update this post if you manage to find the solution outside this thread. Peace

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dude when you're being mugged over and over' you don't like it anymore and you want a way out or at-least resist against the un-fair treatment, i mean we all work hard for our money and if someone out there sitting charging you taxes that makes absolutely no sense, you would certainly feel bad about it.

i shall do that, for the sake of all those who have been trying, we need this. peace