D-link DSL-2750U hardware version V2

Can anyone please tell me which is suitable openwrt
firmware for D-link dsl-2750u h/w- V2. Please help its urgent. Thank you in advance.

This device seems to be based on RTL8676S.

There is currently no OpenWRT support for that platform, and probably never will be.

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Thanks for reply. How to find out exactly what are the hardware details of this router?

Is it correct details?

There are different hardware revisions of DSL-2750U, yours seems to be Revision V for the Middle East market, using a Realtek SoC.
The Link you provided shows a Broadcom SoC, thus it seems to be Revision C for the Indian market. There is apparently another Revision U for the Indian market.

Honestly, this stuff can be quite hard to find sometimes, but then again it's also part of the fun about trying to port OpenWRT :wink:

Deviwiki as well as fccid.io can often be helpful:

Oh, and by the way, there is also yet another model named DSL-2750B for the German market (using Annex B)... :innocent:

Yes indeed it is based on Realtek RTL8676S. I think I too have the same model and hardware version as OP (DSL-2750U P/N: ISL2750UEME3.V2E). Was reading up in preparation for OpenWrt flash on this ADSL modem/router that I came across this forum post.

Here are some images that will confirm @s_2 's point.

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