D-Link DSL-2750B H/W Ver: B1

Hello all,
I have D-Link DSL-2750B with hardware version B1, could I install OpenWrt?

Checking the supported device there are the DSL-2750B with version D1 and T1. Do I have any hope of being able to install it?

Thanks in advance for the support.

Without knowing the technical details of the unit, hard to say if "possible". That the other variants are running a slow (320-333 MHz), single-core, MIPS-based SoC and have Broadcom wireless don't make them an "attractive" target for others to work on.

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Hello Jeff, thanks for your reply.

I have found this technical information about the DSL-2750B B1:

Device Interfaces
1x RJ-11 ADSL port
4x 10/100BASE-TX MDI/MDIX ports
802.11n WLAN
1x USB 2.0 port

802.11b/g/n standards
Up to 300 Mbps (802.11n)
Frequency range: 2.4 GHz to 2.484 GHz
2x Non-detachable MIMO antennas
64/128-bit WEP data encryption
WPA /WPA 2 (personal/enterprise) security
802.1x RADIUS
WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)
MAC address-based access control

ADSL standards
ADSL standards: Multi-mode, ANSI T1.413 Issue 2, ITU G.992.1 (G.dmt) Annex A, ITU G.992.2 (G.lite) Annex A, ITU G.994.1 (G.hs)
ADSL2 standards: ITU G.992.3 (G.dmt.bis) Annex A/L/M, ITU G.992.4 (G.lite.bis) Annex A
ADSL2+ standards: ITU G.992.5 Annex A/L/M

ADSL data rates
G.dmt: 8 Mbps downstream, 832 Kbps upstream
G.lite: 1.5 Mbps downstream, 512 Kbps upstream
ADSL2: 12 Mbps downstream, 1 Mbps upstream
ADSL2+: 24 Mbps downstream, 1 Mbps upstream

ATM & PPP protocols
ATM Adaptation Layer Type 5 (AAL5)
Bridged or routed Ethernet encapsulation
VC and LLC based multiplexing
PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE)
PPP over ATM (RFC 2364)
ITU-T I.610 OAM F4/F5

Network protocols
WAN/LAN Switchable Port
NAT (maximum 4096 NAT sessions)
DHCP server/client/relay
Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) Compliant
Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS)
Virtual Server

Firewall/Access Security
Built-in NAT firewall
Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)
DoS attack prevention
Packet filtering (IP/ICMP/TCP/UDP)
Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
Parental Control (URL blocking, scheduling)

Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Multiple PPTP/IPSec/L2TP pass-through

Device Configuration/Management
Installation Wizard
Web-based GUI for configuration, firmware upgrade
Code lock to prevent improper firmware upgrade
Syslog monitoring

Quality of Service (QoS)
LAN to WAN traffic prioritization/classification
Traffic Shaping

USB Applications:
Samba server
Printer server

Power Input
12 V / 1 A, external

Diagnostic LEDs
LAN (1 to 4)

Dimensions (L x W x H)
182.8 x 127.8 x 32 mm

236 grams

Operating: 0 to 40 ˚C
Storage: -20 to 70 ˚C

5% to 95% non-condensing

Wi-Fi Certified

cat /proc/cpuinfo
system type : AW4339U
processor : 0
cpu model : Broadcom4350 V7.5
BogoMIPS : 319.48
wait instruction : yes
microsecond timers : yes
tlb_entries : 32
extra interrupt vector : no
hardware watchpoint : no
ASEs implemented :
shadow register sets : 1
core : 0
VCED exceptions : not available
VCEI exceptions : not available
cat /proc/meminfo
MemTotal: 60112 kB
MemFree: 25704 kB
Buffers: 3692 kB
Cached: 12736 kB
SwapCached: 0 kB
Active: 8844 kB
Inactive: 11336 kB
Active(anon): 3752 kB
Inactive(anon): 0 kB
Active(file): 5092 kB
Inactive(file): 11336 kB
SwapTotal: 0 kB
SwapFree: 0 kB
Dirty: 0 kB
Writeback: 0 kB
AnonPages: 3768 kB
Mapped: 4244 kB
Slab: 11080 kB
SReclaimable: 600 kB
SUnreclaim: 10480 kB
PageTables: 404 kB
NFS_Unstable: 0 kB
Bounce: 0 kB
WritebackTmp: 0 kB
CommitLimit: 30056 kB
Committed_AS: 10292 kB
VmallocTotal: 1032148 kB
VmallocUsed: 2424 kB
VmallocChunk: 1009304 kB

I was really pleased to have found this post and hoping to get an answer on how to install openwrt on the D-link Dsl-2750b. Unfortunately nope.
If by chance you khabotz had more luck, let me know please.

@papou84, welcome to the community!

  • I wouldn't reply to a 2 year old thread expecting an answer
  • Especially since you didn't tag the person you inquired to - @kabhotz :point_left:

Lastly, his devices appears unsupported, can you clarify?

thanks for your reply yes I didn't tag the person. My bad.
It was more like a message in a bottle.
Enough poetry.
However I managed to install openwrt on this device. It's working. CFE install. Powering the router with the reset button pressed for 30s.
Configured a static IP to .
Typed uploaded the bin for the dsl-2040 if I recall. Works fine...
Another routeur that will have a second life.


Sorry for the delay but in any case I would not have been useful for the discussion cause I've not make other tests.

Thanks for the good new @papou84, I will install OpenWRT also on my device! :slight_smile:

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Don't worry.
openwrt-19.07.6-brcm63xx-generic-DSL274XB-F1-squashfs-cfe-EU.bin --> the one I tried.
I have the dsl-2750 the infostrada one.

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