D-link DSL 2640b as a repeater

I just installed (Openwrt 10.03.1 backfire) on an old d-link model (DSL-2640B),
and that's of course took me about 3 days because I'm still a beginner,
the main reason that made me going through all of this is that I want to use this router as a range extender since I got a poor signal in the 2nd floor,
so I've been trying all this day to configure it to work as a wireless repeater ( without cables ),
I was able to connect as a client to my main router (tp-link td-w8961n) but when i add the access point SSID it disables the client SSID,
which means that i can only enable one SSID ( either the client or the access point and not the both of them at the same time) and as far as i know after following many tutorials, the both SSIDs should be enabled at the same time to make that work, is there any solution for that or any other way to make the router work as a repeater?
Thank you in advance!

Are you happy with running an 8 year old, unmaintained and known insecure version of OpenWrt?

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well, i'm not lol, but nothing to do about it, it's the only version that supports my router model, I have other routers (belkin,zte) newer than this one but not supported by openwrt or any other firmware, and to buy a new router i have to drive about 60km.

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Is perhaps better, but less-politely phrased, "Throw it in the e-waste bin and buy a new router."

The security issues alone should demand that. That an eight-year-old router doesn't support any of the current 802.11 standards will prevent its operation as a repeater with more-current gear, add additional security issues (known-insecure wireless encryption, and dozens of other vulnerabilities), and likely drag down your entire network's performance.





Hi @danino
I like to play around with the same router model.

How do you manage to configure it as a client? I thought it doesn't have the interface for it.

Did it appears in the DHCP list of the W9861 ?

One of the "limited functionalities" of the open Broadcom driver is it can't do client and AP on the same radio at the same time.

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Then the same as above is applicable: DSL-2640B T1 is not supported by current OpenWrt due to insufficient flash (4MB) and RAM (16MB).

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