D-Link DNS-120 LED indicators

Hi guyz,

I have very old D-link DNS-120 NAS, with installed OpenWrt Backfire 10.03.1.

System works fine, but LED indicators (network connection and USB) does not working.
LED menu in LuCI is empty. All required packages is installed. Is it possible to enable LED indicators on this device on OpenWrt Backfire 10.03.1?

UP. No any ideas?

I am not really sure if this would be the solution to your problem but in any router most of the LEDs are linked to GPIOs and this is how Openwrt controls the LEDs and identify them. I myself started using Openwrt from v15.05 so I dont have much information about Backfire. It maybe helpful for you to try to read the documentation at openwrt.org for Backfire or considering updating your router to a more current release, maybe 15.05 or 17.01. If possible v18.06 would be a better answer.

I think any of the moderators might be able to help you on this. Maybe @tmomas.

ahmar16, thank you for your answer.

This device is really old and rare, i use it only for remote access to images from remote camera, stored on USB stick via FTP-server on this device.

Latest supported version of OpenWRT is OpenWrt Backfire 10.03.1, and as i think - no way to upgade openwrt to newer version.

I have tryed to implement GPIO setting from documentation, but no effect.

Well your best bet is to upgrade the firmware and if that is not available then maybe consider purchasing a new device.