D-Link DIR-859 A3 AC1750 works with DIR-869 A1 image


Bought a D-Link DIR-859 A3 AC1750 a few days ago. After some research, discovered that the components are almost identical to the LEDE-supported DIR-869:
Qualcomm QCA9563 SoC
Qualcomm QCA9880 802.11ac radio
Qualcomm QCA8337N GbE switch
16 MB flash, 64 MB RAM
No USB ports

Although physically they look very different, the only relevant difference I see so far is the DIR-859 has 8 LEDs while the DIR-869 (I don't have one) only has one or two (white/orange).

So I installed dir-869-a1-squashfs-factory.bin (17.01.4 stable 10/18/2017) to the DIR-859 via emergency room. It works very well so far.

The power LED and 4 LAN LED lights work as expected, but the WPS button is mapped as the reset button, so pressing it resets the router. A recent Nov commit fixes the power LED mapping for the DIR-869, but moves the power LED functionality to the internet LED instead for the DIR-859.

I'll do a git pull request to once I figure out the correct gpio mapping of the buttons and LEDs for the DIR-859.

Support for DIR-842 rev: C1

I'm just a little bit interested in your DIR-859 (A3). I have a DIR-859, and I'm not that pleased with it, so I would like to put OpenWRT on it. However OpenWRT only supports Snapshots for the DIR-859, but I need a GUI for it. Do you still run a DIR-869 OpenWRT Stable build on you DIR-859 with success?
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I'm interested to know about this too! My dlink is Dir-859 A2.


I put the latest DD-WRT on instead (38381). Works perfectly (once I got a hold of some of the odd GUI stuff in DD-WRT like not to add before I have saved). OpenWRT is probably great, but I need the GUI.


For dd-wrt, what you install? Dir-859 A1 or dir-869 A1?


I installed DIR-859 A1 to an A3. Snapshot works really good but when I installed LuCi I had the Wireless Network enabled but dhcp would not work. After a GUI restart from LuCi it quickly entered the Emergency Room and after that, I went back to DDWRT too.