D-Link DIR-859 A3 AC1750 works with DIR-869 A1 image

Bought a D-Link DIR-859 A3 AC1750 a few days ago. After some research, discovered that the components are almost identical to the LEDE-supported DIR-869:
Qualcomm QCA9563 SoC
Qualcomm QCA9880 802.11ac radio
Qualcomm QCA8337N GbE switch
16 MB flash, 64 MB RAM
No USB ports

Although physically they look very different, the only relevant difference I see so far is the DIR-859 has 8 LEDs while the DIR-869 (I don't have one) only has one or two (white/orange).

So I installed dir-869-a1-squashfs-factory.bin (17.01.4 stable 10/18/2017) to the DIR-859 via emergency room. It works very well so far.

The power LED and 4 LAN LED lights work as expected, but the WPS button is mapped as the reset button, so pressing it resets the router. A recent Nov commit fixes the power LED mapping for the DIR-869, but moves the power LED functionality to the internet LED instead for the DIR-859.

I'll do a git pull request to once I figure out the correct gpio mapping of the buttons and LEDs for the DIR-859.

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I'm just a little bit interested in your DIR-859 (A3). I have a DIR-859, and I'm not that pleased with it, so I would like to put OpenWRT on it. However OpenWRT only supports Snapshots for the DIR-859, but I need a GUI for it. Do you still run a DIR-869 OpenWRT Stable build on you DIR-859 with success?
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I'm interested to know about this too! My dlink is Dir-859 A2.

I put the latest DD-WRT on instead (38381). Works perfectly (once I got a hold of some of the odd GUI stuff in DD-WRT like not to add before I have saved). OpenWRT is probably great, but I need the GUI.

For dd-wrt, what you install? Dir-859 A1 or dir-869 A1?

I installed DIR-859 A1 to an A3. Snapshot works really good but when I installed LuCi I had the Wireless Network enabled but dhcp would not work. After a GUI restart from LuCi it quickly entered the Emergency Room and after that, I went back to DDWRT too.

Someone has tested the latest version with the DIR-859 A3? It is supposed to be compatible, right?

The latest firmware versions from D-Link will no longer accept the factory.bin format currently used by OpenWRT via the normal update procedure, so you'd have to flash via the emergency recovery, which only works with older browsers.

I'm trying to add support for the 'new style' image that can be flashed directly from the D-Link Web UI:

As I do not own DIR-859 myself, I could only verify image generation against the official firmware images available from D-Link, and it looks good so far.

However, before opening a pull request I would like to have someone confirm that the image is really accepted by the DIR-859 stock firmware:

Is there any difference regarding versions A1 and A3? I could only find reva3 images on the German D-Link ftp, but they should be compatible to any rev A devices.