D-Link DIR-850L H/W Ver: B1 Serial Comm

Hi guys,

I'm trying to connect to my D-Link DIR-850L H/W Ver: B1 using a bus-pirate (UART mode).
I've soldered the pins which supposed to be used for serial comm, however, I didn't get any read from the device whatsoever.


Serial header is JP1, which is already soldered.

Don’t forget that the TX pin of the serial port must linked to the RX pin of the router and the RX to TX!

The device uses TTL @ 3.3V and not a standard RS-232 Serial that operates between 3 and 15V, so do not try to connect it to a common serial adapter: you will certainly fry the serial circuit or even the whole board. There are plenty of USB to TTL and RS-232 to TTL available on the market, just be careful with the voltage: the standard is 5V and it may also damage your board. Look for the ones with 3.3V or with both voltages and a way to switch between them.

Pinout: TX, GND, 3v3, empty, RX

Bits per second: 57600 Data bits: 8 Parity: None Stop bits: 1 Flow control: None

According to the openwrt wiki the pinout is TX, GND, empty, RX
I've tried that pinout, and any other combination, whilst some combinations do get the bus pirate temperature extremely high. The documentation clearly states that 3.3V converters should be fine.

Do I need another relay for that or any other TTL device?



Don't connect 3.3V

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Thanks, That was the right pinout, although the baud rate was incorrect.

Thanks again for the help


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