D-Link DIR-842 C3 vs Xiaomi Mi Router 4A GE?

Hello, now I’m faced with choosing a used router, which is better and why? In terms of hardware, as far as I understand, a router from Xiaomi would be the best buy?

I donot know any about C3.
I can get a 4AG less than us$10 (used).

For such cheap used router, take all of two.

Warning Xiaomi is currently shipping Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition devices without proper shielding since 2020. Be aware that those might cause problems due to radio interference...

If you like the MT7621 SoC,
The D-Link DIR-878 rev.A1, DIR-882 rev.A1, DIR-2640 would be easier to flash and no shielding problems.

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I'm a little confused about what this means? Is Xiaomi experiencing interference? Which of these two is preferable?

Dir842 will at least work.

The D-Link would be the slower but safer option, between the two routers that you listed.

The Xiamoi, due to lack of shielding may fail to function correctly if there are active device(s) within range emitting radio signals. e.g. cell phone, cordless phones, microwave...

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Neither of your options are great…
The DIR-842 c3 is a bit old/ on the slower side, but well supported.
The Xiaomi is harder to flash, but more modern hardware (not by much, but still) and has fewer ethernet ports.

I would suggest to look around for slightly better (e.g. mt7621a+mt7915DBDC, filogic 820 or ipq807x if you can find it for a good price) hardware, instead of buying either of these today.


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