D-Link DIR-825 unstable on ath79

First of all, thanks to all the hard work of you devs!

I've got 3x D-Link DIR-825 routers that have been running OpenWrt rock-solidly since Barrier Breaker.

A couple of months ago, I started running 19.07.x (x=1,2 and 3) - the ath79 flavor. For example: openwrt-19.07.3-ath79-generic-dlink_dir-825-c1-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin

I have upgraded both with and without a reset. No matter what I do the these have all been unstable: lots of WiFi problems and also WLAN interruptions. I have had to restart many times. (Since OpenWrt has always been so reliable, I assumed the problem was elsewhere.)

Eventually I reverted to ar71xxx: openwrt-19.07.3-ar71xx-generic-dir-825-c1-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin

And all it's now rock-solid again.

The same instability occurs on all 3x routers, so a hardware issue seems unlikely. I have yet to identify if there is any particular action that causes it to get confused. Sometimes only WiFi is affected. Other times existing LAN and WLAN connections are maintained (say, streaming music), while new ones time out.

First, can anyone else confirm similar experiences?

Because I'm WFH now, I can't switch back to ath79 until the weekend, so I don't have any ath79 sys logs. Is there any other information I can supply that might help?

Hello @jimstaffer

I added ath79 support for this router a while back, see commits below. I do own this device for many years and still use it. Since a few months I run 19.07.x on it, the ath79 variety.

I didn't experience WLAN problems yet. I use mostly 5GHz, but 2.4MHz I use as well.

Sure, it's possible I did a mistake with the port. I'm not a software developer. So if there's a fix for your problems that would be great (and I would benefit as well :wink:).

Maybe posting more details would help somebody to see what the issue is. logread output for instance.

Kind regards,

Thanks for the reply! I'll see if circumstances will permit me to switch back to the ath79 this weekend so I can collect some log data.

It seems I was premature in my assessment that 19.07.3 was stable on ar71xxx. It seems that's also not working properly - at least for me.

So I flashed (with reset) openwrt-18.06.7-ar71xx-generic-dir-825-c1-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin
Now this really is rock-solid. I've been using it all week - not one misbehavior yet!

So my revised assessment is that there's a problem with 19.07.x on the DIR-825 C1 running both ar71xx and ath79.

I'm sorry I haven't been able to collect any log data yet. I'll do so when I can - but it's difficult because I'm so dependent on reliable network access. (Work, VOIP, Netflix - you name it!)

Update: OK, so sorry if I wasted anyone's time, but it turns out it was an intermittent hardware problem.

I've got a HCF (hybrid coax fibre) connection in Sydney AU, and it took weeks of collecting data, but I finally managed to convince the monopoly who (er, um) "look after" that hardware (NBNco) to come investigate the problems I was having. Bottom line, after replacing one slightly corroded RG6 connector in the pit across the street with a shiny new one (with a gasket!), the problem has disappeared.

So, in summary, 19.07.3 was working all along - certainly on ath79, but very likely on ar71xx as well.

I hate intermittent problems...

Glad to hear the good old dlink is fine :wink:

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