D-Link Dir-615 rev D4 is not saving my settings

Hi everyone,

I have installed "openwrt-18.06.0-ramips-rt305x-dir-615-d-squashfs-factory.bin" on my D-Link Dir-615 rev D4 router successfully.
Everything seems to be working well and I have set the wireless details up and it extends my network to the back of the garden which is what I wanted.

The problem occurs when I switch off the router (unplug it and then plug it back again ) , all my details and log in information for wireless network seems to reset to the default factory firmware and I have to re-enter everything again .
I have tried the "save" button , also the "save and apply " button but none seem to retain my information after a re-plug.
I have not downloaded or installed any of the other packages or files.

Please advise what I can do to solve this problem.

It seems to only have 4MB flash memory, 32MB RAM. So not enough space left to save settings. You may find 17.01.5 more suitable.


Thanks for the reply.

The link that you have sent me only seems to send me to the latest firmware but not the one you have suggested.
I am trying to look for the 17.01.5 but not finding it for the 615.

Any suggestions




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If you are still on 18.06.0, please post the output of the following commands:

df -h

logread | grep jffs2

logread | grep -i overlay

I have installed the 17.01.5 but willing to goto 18.06.0 and post the commands if that will help as would like the latest firmware on the router.

Where exactly do I post this commands ... Sorry I'm a noob at this but can follow instructions if given .

Thanks for the links, I'm on the case and have installed the 17.01.5 firmware , now going to test it a couple of times by re-starting.

On the command line.

@ [lleachii]

On the command line ...

Where will I find the command line ?
In thru the or on my computer where I bring up the cmd.exe ?

Will it also be in the rev 17.01.5 r3919 so that I know before I flash the 18.06.0 again ?

The 17.01.5 revision seems to be working well and has retained my wireless information .I have powered it off and on a few times now but seems to be fine. Thanks for your suggestion

PS - I should mention that I am using windows 8.1 and donot have any knowledge of Linux

If you're using Windows, you'll have to install an SSH client like PuTTY:


You then SSH to the router at the IP (by default this is

I'm guessing you mean if your problem will persist in 17.01.5. I don't know, the issue is that you're running out of space. 17.04.5 should be smaller.

17.01.5 seems to be running fine for me and has been saving my network password n details. I was just wondering if I should goto 17.04.5.
Which is more recent 17. 01.5 or 17.04.5?
Would there be a difference if I went to 17.04.5?

I think you meant 17.01.5 vs 17.01.4 (17.01.5 is the latest )


Yes, that's what I meant.

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