D-link Dir-518L - OpenWRT

Hello everyone.
I bought a D-link DIR-518L H/W:A1 a few days ago

I did it with the intention of implementing a project like this:

In the same way I have other purposes for this device, but what I want to do is impossible without OpenWrt. so the first step is to achieve compatibility. This device is not in the Hardware table but it is very similar to the D-link Dir-505.

But according to this page the CPU is different from the 505

The 518L would become Target: ramips - rt (Ralink)

Can someone help me to achieve compatibility for this Device..?

Thank you..!

your linked link tells something different: RTL, which is not Ralink, but Realtek, which not just from WiFi perspective sadly tops out Broadcom and Marvell in being a bad life choice.

I am afraid to tell, but the best you might do, is make it a fitness project, when you walk it to the nearest recycling station.