D-Link DIR-2660 A1 support

Hello, I am a new user here.
I bought this D-Link DIR-2660 A1 only to realize it only supports WPA2-TKIP. Will installing OpenWrt allow using WPA2-AES?
I can see that my router is only supported on snapshot release? Are there any predictions when it may appear in a stable release?

really…?! for a device released in 2019?

Installing OpenWrt on mt7621a+mt7615e will provide you with support for WPA2PSK/ CCMP or even WPA3/ SAE via mt76.

It's already supported in master/ snapshot, so it will be present in the next stable release (20.xy.0, not 19.07.z).

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Really. I was shocked, too. That's the reason I seek to install openwrt.

Sorry, I'm not familiar with the release schedule. When is 20.x expected?

there is not much left of 2020 so maybe never
but 21.xx.x would be next year 2021 :slight_smile:

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